Public Awareness

Responsible to inform the public, including and beyond RV-CHI partners, of information, events, and opportunities related to health and wellness in the Roanoke Valley. The Public Awareness workgroup will develop networks to use website, social media, and formal news outlets to ensure the public has access to this information.

  • Plan and host the Annual Family Fun Fest (in coordination with other workgroups)
  • Develop Facebook page; set up a person/people to feed and monitor it no less than twice a week
  • Develop website with community calendar, contacts, map of play, etc.
  • Develop brochure and talking points for RV-CHI (to be electronic until we have funds to print)
  • Develop a “Healthy Foods are Fun Foods” marketing campaign, and contacts through the other workgroups to provide information to be included.
  • Assist coordinating council, workgroups, and RV-CHI to get information and opportunities out to the appropriate media outlets.
  • As applicable, lead and assist with campaign event planning and coordination

Data/Health Assessment

Responsible to work on the community assessment project, both in keeping with work requirements and to track successes/impacts of RV-CHI. The Data/Health Assessment workgroup will identify, track, and report on data indicators per the action plan and feed necessary information to the workgroups to guide focus on the areas of greatest need.

  • Update map of play and resources (in coordination with other workgroups)
  • Identify areas of need for access to fruits and vegetables
  • Identify areas of need for access to play areas
  • Identify and share locations of community gardens
  • Track impacts of RV-CHI work

Community Partnerships

Responsible to promote and enhance community partnerships, to engage and coordinate partners for RV-CHI community events, and to oversee, monitor, and guide program/project implementation (in partnership with the Coordinating Council. The Community Partnerships workgroup will identify and contact potential partners to strengthen and broaden the reach of RV-CHI, specifically to include youth, parents, and other community members.

  • Identify grants & programs to include in a database or listserv to be informed by and shared with the RV-CHI
  • Work with community partners to develop monthly play days at local parks (including schools)
  • Reach out to area Healthcare providers to encourage participation in RV-CHI activities and to get information to their patients
  • Identify and build relationships with potential community partners for EFNEP and other programs
  • Host a Healthy School Food Fair and Multicultural Healthy Community Food Fair (in coordination with other workgroups)
  • Use tools developed by the Program Development and Implementation and the Public Awareness workgroups to encourage community partners to use Healthy foods in the workplace, at schools, and when providing meals and snacks at meetings.

Program Development & Implementation

Responsible to support program development and implementation, in close partnership with the Coordinating Council. The Program Development and Implementation workgroup will research and identify technical assistance opportunities with appropriate programs to meet the goals of the RV-CHI.

Per the 5 year Action Plan, the Workgroup will:

  • Research and select a Nutrition Education program: Get Fit, Stay Fit Halifax
  • Develop a program for a Healthy Education Summit (work in coordination with community partnerships workgroup)
  • Develop a Get Fit Summer Challenge
  • Research and select materials/information for a Prevention and Wellness Campaign for Healthcare Providers
  • Develop suggestions and recipes (as necessary) to promote the use of Healthy Foods in the workplace, at schools, and at meetings
  • Research Farm to Where you Are Programs; use information from the Data/Health Assessment workgroup to identify areas of need
  • Research plans for a Healthier Corner store initiative
  • Research and select a Workplace Wellness Program (work with Public Awareness and Community Partnerships workgroups to get the information out)

About The Roanoke Valley Community Health Initiative

The goal of the Roanoke Valley Community Health Initiative (RV-CHI) is to empower residents in the Roanoke Valley to adopt healthier lifestyles, access preventative services, and take positive actions to improve health in our communities. The vision of the Roanoke Valley Community Health Initiative is that Roanoke Valley families and individuals are empowered to lead healthy lifestyles. The mission of the Roanoke Valley Community Health Initiative is to promote healthy living through education, empowerment, and health access.


Contact Us

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RV-CHI Coordinator
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